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Default Press Release

Dropshipped Direct is the most user-friendly dropship source directory owned by Premier Hosting, Inc.
Dropshipped Direct is where you can find more than a 150,000 products with all the pricing and dropshippers information all in one place. They have done the research for you!

Dropshipped Direct is starting to draw quite bit of attention in the drop shipping community. Dropshipped Direct is constantly researching dropshippers and updating their products. Their products donít go online until they are put through the Dropshipped Direct stamp of Approval.
First, understand what it is.
  • You can see a complete list of the products at retail price
  • With a paid membership you will see the whole prices
  • They specialize mainly in dropshippers
  • You buy direct from drop shippers They have a yearly fee of only $29.95 for their drop ship information
  • You can also get their dropshippers feeds to import into you store for $9.95 /mo
  • All of their dropshippers are pre-qualified
  • You can search for products directly on their website
  • The product information returned includes pricing and sometimes availability
Tired of Looking for Real Dropshippers?

I, like you, am tired of spending hour after hour looking and researching Dropshippers. There are many good Dropshippers out there in the world, but the problem is there are also many more that are not really True Dropshippers. They trick you and I into thinking that they really are legitimate dropshippers. You can spend days searching the Net using the most popular search engines, but that wonít help you much. You will find in your searches that these are the so-called Dropshippers who you want to stay clear of. Real honest True Dropshippers do not use Pay Per Clicks to get visitors. They donít have to.

Once you find a so-called Dropshipper in a Search Engine, you need to check them out. First, look at their WHOIS information and see if they are hiding their identity. Secondly, place their complete address in Google, the grand daddy of all search engines, and see if other websites are using that same address. Also, change the address number to within a few digits and see what you can find. A next-door neighbor, perhaps, that you can call and ask if there is a warehouse next to them. More than often I am told it either a mailbox drop or an apartment complex Ė NO WAREHOUSE.

Dropshipped Direct has done all the research for you, let me explain:
  • First of all you get a Full Bio of each Dropshipper. From the Dropshipper themselves
  • You get Our Complete Non-Bias Dropshipper Review, telling you of the good and bad points
  • You get pictures of their warehouse to prove they are not middlemen trying to deceive you
  • You get so see All Their Products w/ Pictures, Descriptions, MSRP & Your Wholesale Prices
  • You will get Full Contact Information, who to contact and where the contact information is located
  • More than 150,000 products
  • YOU buy Directly from the Dropshippers NOT from a Middleman
Premier Hosting, Inc.
1313 Midway Rd.
Manasha, WI 54952


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Premier Hosting, Inc.

Check Out: www.TalkingDirect.com
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Default Drop Shipped Direct looks good! Resellers can also use Drop For Me

I check out the site and it looks just as good as the other drop ship directories that I've found. I like the thread you posted because you're very honest and listed all your pricing up front. It really helps resellers make a decision quickly.

We have done our extensive research on distributors as well. We found that most lists do not have accurate information, so we took the time and found 3,000 reliable distributors here in the US.

We are giving out our information completely for FREE to our users. We will send them quality, trustworthy distributors directly to their inbox. Check us out at http://DropForMe.com

There's no catch. We're able to make money through company sponsorships. Distributors want to target quality resellers who will really be able to push their product and start selling in large quantities.

I hope that you like our site and everyone benefits!

- Jun Loayza
jun.loayza [at] dropforme.com
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Default Looks Like

Looks like DropForMe is out of business already. Sure is funny they come and they go, but this site is still here.
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